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  • From: "Ivan Vodopiviz" <merkoth@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 17:06:55 -0300

Ok, this has got way longer than really needed, IMHO:

I've been lurking this list from way back the OBOS times, and this problem
has arisen more than once, and we always see the same: non-devs argue that
you can't use the same evaluation system for coders and non-coders. What I
fail to see is the difference between saying 'Hey! I've just coded this,
would you give me a hand to polish it? Think it can make it to the repo?'
and saying 'Hey! I've just come up with this idea/project/whatever, would
you give me some advice/a hand/whatever?'

From my humble POV, it doesn't matter if you are a programmer or not, but
you always have to do something before getting accepted. You can't just say
'I want to be one of the leaders', you should win the right. If your idea
can't be condensed in a source patch, then write a detailed doc/mockup and
post it here. This can be applied to code, documentation, web design, icons,
sounds, marketing plans, whatever.

I must admit that, more than once, things can get kinda hard when you want
to contribute to the project, most of the times this is caused because the
focus on R1 weighs too much on the project, and whatever non R1-specific is
often ignored or not really cared.

IMHO, some people needs to keep in mind that coding an OS in your free time
isn't easy, and the high spheres of the Haiku Team need to keep in mind that
community feedback is precious for an open source project.

Just my two cents :)


On 5/14/07, Jonas Sundström <jonas@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

"purposeless@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <purposeless@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This discussion about openness is getting to be less fruitful as time
> goes by;  it ought to be refocussed.
> So;
> What is it that is the problem?

I suppose that the core members, the occasional contributors and the
large majority of non-coders have different needs, means to contribute
and different communication preferences.

/Jonas Sundström.

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