[openbeos] Re: Openness

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  • Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 15:53:35 -0400

"purposeless@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <purposeless@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This discussion about openness is getting to be less fruitful as time
goes by;  it ought to be refocussed.


What is it that is the problem?

I suppose that the core members, the occasional contributors and the
large majority of non-coders have different needs, means to contribute
and different communication preferences.

/Jonas Sundström.

So by this, you are saying that:

i Coders, core members, and occasion contributors have differing opions on what is important for the project?

ii Coders, core members, and occasion contributors offer their skills and assets using different methods, eg, coders use Trac, others use ????

ii The communications system between member-types (coders, marketers, etc) is non-uniform? Or there is not set communication system between the types and between each other?


If this is true, then what are some things that can be done to improve this, if there in consensus that there is in fact a problem with this?

It is of my opinion that point 2 seems to be very much a problem.

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