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  • From: Charlie Clark <charlie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 10:48:23 +0200

Am 12.05.2007 um 21:35 schrieb Jorge G. Mare (a.k.a. Koki):

Wind your neck in yourself, Jorge. I really don't need *your* advice on what do!

Oh, I was just returning the ball that you obviously threw at me. :P

Actually it wasn't thrown at you.

I may be blunt, I admit that: but my intentions are sincere and for the best interest of Haiku. I doubt that any of the people that I have addressed my messages to (with whom I have a good relationship) feel that I have been disrespectful to them. But if they do, they know they can tell me so in the face and will issue an apology on the spot, right on this list. Plus, they are all adults, so I am sure they can defend themselves.

It's not bluntness that's at issue. It's also not sincerity. It's about brow-beating, overinflating expectations and some rather bizarre ideas about the responsibilities of a charitable body and the usual nebulosity about "community". A bit less of the missionary zeal would be a help. There are less than twenty active developers working on Haiku and not enough money in the pot for paying one of them for a month.

As for the developers defending themselves: they're mainly far too polite for that and prefer coding to argument. Ingo's closing remark was pretty clear if you chose to listen to it but instead you dragged up your old arguments which are essentially about giving *you* the power to do and decide. Project management is important as is accountability but neither sit easy with underfunded volunteer arrangements. As for delegation and openness: the Haiku developers have done this all perfectly with respect to the website, the icon set and other issues.

What I really don't get is that we're having this discussion on this list although you were part of the admin team. No, I don't want to know the details, but it strikes me as a failure to understand the basics of collective responsibility to resign on an issue and then try and force change from the outside instead of moving on.

I'm all for free speech, so feel free to think and write that I am just filling the list with hot air under the guise of professionalism in order to feed my ego. I am bit puzzled, though, as I have also done some hard work for Haiku, and that has apparently not stopped you from being critical of my actions. Double standard? Or code is all that counts to gain respect? :P

What double standards? You want a pat on the back from me? Why? Can I have one for all the work I've done? We've both done work for Haiku and received recognition for it at the time. That's enough for me. Beyond that for Haiku it really is the coding that counts.

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