[openbeos] Re: Openness

  • From: ar1000@xxxxxxx
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  • Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 23:23:52 -0700

Hello All,

        It is very interesting to see the direction that this thread has taken, 
because Haiku's paradox of open code but closed corporation is something that 
has bothered me for some time now. Haiku is a project that's sophistication and 
increased community size warrant a change in the project. Right now Haiku is 
awkwardly sitting in a place where it is not managed as a little company or as 
a community, it feels (whatever that means for you) like a club, with a few 
people who are members and lots and lots of guests. No matter what the guests 
suggest, or what they do, the decision always comes back to the actual members 
of the club, who are all developers. A person cannot be everything (and if you 
tried, you would be a very stressed individual), people do what they have a 
passion for, and what their experience has lead them to. Coming from a 
designer's perspective, I want to see Haiku design flourish so that Haiku will 
flourish. If Haiku is going to grow that it has to be able to grow, I hope that 
marketing and design don't continue to be an uphill battle forever. I do 
recognize how difficult it must be to release control of some aspects of the 
project, but it isn't feasible or wise for Haiku's growth to keep is under such 
tight wraps.

I understand the concerns of the developers, in fact, I recently completed a 
project (a wiki) that was managed by developers for many end-users. Developer's 
want really-fast editing, lots of procedures and systems, end the end users 
want something that is easy to use, pleasing, and fun. There is a balance ? 
Haiku NEEDS to pursue that balance by incorporating individuals from more than 
one talent pool. Let people do what they do best and make it count for 

Haiku's code isn't the only thing that should be open ? community and 
corporation count too.

Best Regards,

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