[openbeos] Re: "OpenSoftwareValet"

  • From: Morten Fjeldstad <morfj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 30 Nov 2001 09:02:14 +0100

On Fri, 2001-11-30 at 00:25, Erik Jakowatz wrote:

> > I would also like to have an automatically created and decent file
> > structure - just like BeBits categories; so not just all apps in /boot/
> > I think you get the idea - I am a bit annoyed to have to organize the
> > applications in a useful and logical way all by myself.
> An interesting idea, but one man's "useful and logical" is another man's
> "obstructive and irrational". =)  Better to leave it up to the user to
> say where an app is installed.

I agree with you there. If I want to install a program somewhere, why
should the installer object?

Another (good?) idea!  (read on->)

What I think could be useful though, is if the installed program
contains attributes which specifies the category of this program.
Predefined categories would have to be agreed upon, but it would make an
automatic management of the "start menu" quite simple. Let me give you
an example:

Application A is an advance email and collaboration/groupware suite. It
categorizes itself in two categories: internet and office.
The start menu have several quieries as entries (folders) which search
for applications of on category. It will have an internet "folder"
(query) and an "office" folder. App A would show up in both of these.

Other categories could be "audio", "video" (alt: multimedia),
"configuration" (prefs apps), etc.. (you get the picture).

Why then? 

A user have installed lots of programs, with often quite fancifull
names, but doesn't really care WHAT an application is called. What the
user really knows though, is what he/she wish to DO. Categorizing
applications on the menu based upon function would make it easier to
accomplish the task of locating the correct app.

The installer would also have not have to f*** up the carefully
constructed menu of a power-user and at the same time "just work" for
grandma. (Because it doesn't actually change the menu, it just installed
an application that happens to mach certain queries.)

The current solution with one big folder containing all application
links is just plain messy!

...just my $0.02.. :)


Morten Fjeldstad.

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