[openbeos] Re: "OpenSoftwareValet"

  • From: "Michael Phipps" <mphipps1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 21:26:03 -0500

Since this is new design, I would like to have a bit more community
review than with the other stuff, but I agree with you, in general.

Why don't you put together a sketch of a design for us to look at?

>I've also been lurking on the list, and I guess this is my first post.
>I've been planning to officially join the OpenBeOS project as a
>developer, but I'm waiting until I actually have the free time to devote
>to it.
>I want to thank Anton for his comprehensive, and intelligent analysis.
>I've developed a few apps for BeOS and am a professional programmer.
>But I'm still as lazy as the next guy!  ;-)  I agree with Anton
>completely, and have been happy with the direction the recent discussion
>regarding an "OpenSoftwareValet" like program has taken.
>Even though I'm a professional programmer, when I install software, I
>want it to be PAINLESS and take ZERO effort.  I believe it is the
>Operating System's job to provide THE method for installing and
>uninstalling apps on itself.  For OpenBeOS, I picture a simple and
>elegant install/uninstall app that has two modes.
>1) You activate it from Preferences, and it shows you a list of software
>currently installed, and a list of newer versions if you wish to
>upgrade, and the option to uninstall.
>2) When you install a file it comes up in install mode and gives you two
>       1) Do everything for me (I'm a lazy butt)
>       2) Give me options (I'm a control freak)
>Because sometimes I'm in one mood, and sometimes the other.  ;-)
>I also envision this "OpenSoftwareValet" or whatever we call it, to have
>a Sister application created by the SAME PEOPLE that creates install
>files and installs with the development tools.
>If we make this a separate development team, I would be very interested
>in joining it.
>Thanks for your time,
>David Enderson
>Digital IMS (www.digitalims.com)=20

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