[openbeos] Re: "OpenSoftwareValet"

  • From: "LewisB" <openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 12:25:59 -0600 (CST)

I like this concept.  I may experment with an attribute on my system to 
see if I like it
in reality.  The one potential problem would be a developer with the 
mindset of MS.
They assume their Application is SOOO usefully they set the attributes 
up so their
apps show up on Every category.

>What I think could be useful though, is if the installed program
>contains attributes which specifies the category of this program.
>Predefined categories would have to be agreed upon, but it would make 
>automatic management of the "start menu" quite simple. Let me give you
>an example:
>Application A is an advance email and collaboration/groupware suite. 
>categorizes itself in two categories: internet and office.
>The start menu have several quieries as entries (folders) which search
>for applications of on category. It will have an internet "folder"
>(query) and an "office" folder. App A would show up in both of these.
>Other categories could be "audio", "video" (alt: multimedia),
>"configuration" (prefs apps), etc.. (you get the picture).
>Why then=3F 
>A user have installed lots of programs, with often quite fancifull
>names, but doesn't really care WHAT an application is called. What the
>user really knows though, is what he/she wish to DO. Categorizing
>applications on the menu based upon function would make it easier to
>accomplish the task of locating the correct app.
>The installer would also have not have to f*** up the carefully
>constructed menu of a power-user and at the same time "just work" for
>grandma. (Because it doesn't actually change the menu, it just 
>an application that happens to mach certain queries.)
>The current solution with one big folder containing all application
>links is just plain messy!
>...just my $0.02.. :)
>Morten Fjeldstad.

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