[openbeos] Re: OpenBeOS Source Tree

  • From: Erik Jakowatz <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 10:34:36 -0800

> project handles it's builds, or at least it's source tree. One of the
> great things they have is if you check something in that breaks the
> tree, they quickly get it outta the tree so that the entire tree won't
> be broken while you try and fix it.

No idea how this would be administered, but it sounds like a good idea
to me!

>         Another really important thing, according to the Joel
> Test(http://joelonsoftware.com/stories/storyReader$180), is that the
> entire build process be one step. This is important for various reasons,

Couldn't agree more with this.  There is nothing more annoying than
having to babysit a large build.  My current work project has a server
side with a build time of nearly 3.5 hours, and requires intervention
*constantly* during the process.  This causes no end of pain for my
partner (thankfully, I'm the client guy ;).

>         Anyways, just some input, I also suggest people read that entire 
> document
> about functional project managment, joel has some very good articles on
> his website to read which all seem to make lots of sense as far as real
> world software development goes.

Yeah, Joel's site is all around pretty cool.  He's a very savvy and
pragmatic developer, with a lot of interesting and (most importantly)
useful things to say about software development.


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