[openbeos] Re: OpenBeOS Source Tree

  • From: "Daniel Reinhold" <danielr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 14:46:42 CST

Oops, you're right. I've gotten so accustomed to downloading the entire 
tree (which includes all the embedded revision stuff) that I forgot 
about the obvious -- checking out each kit individually. Nevermind!

>Perhaps I am *completely* misunderstanding your question, is which 
>I hope you'll forgive me. =)
>All you need do is check out the source from the repository.  We
>currently don't have a top-level module to check out from -- i.e., you
>need to check out each part (app_kit, kernal_kit, etc.) individually -
>but that could (and probably *should*) be remedied (build meister? ;).
>Anyway, for the app kit, you would do something along the lines of
>  cvs co app_kit
>in the directory where you want the app_kit tree checked out to.  The
>only vestiges of CVS you'll find there are the CVS directory and maybe 
>.ignore file, neither of which are relevant to building stuff;
>everything else will be the latest version of the files in the
>repository, as ready to build as they ever will be.
>Is that reasonably clear?
>Daniel Reinhold wrote:
>> Does CVS have the ability to write out a clean version of the source
>> tree -- i.e. without all the embedded revision info? If not, 
>> we need to write a utility to do such a thing? That is, build a new
>> folder structure that contains all the source code directories and
>> files (but leaves out the CVS specific ones like CVSROOT), changes 
>> names to remove the ending ",v" etc (pretty simple), and remove all 
>> revision text inside the files (a bit trickier).
>> In other words, you can't build from the CVS tree in it's original
>> form. How do other projects using CVS handle this? Anyone know?
>> >Hello. My name is Aaron Davis. I am now the build meister for
>> OpenBeOS. Michael told me my first assignment was to investigate 
>> everyone thought of as a good source tree and then make something 
>> everyone can live with. So thats what i'm doing. Feel free to e-mail 
>> suggestions to my address (iceman@xxxxxxxxxxxx) or to the list. Any
>> input would help me revise the current source tree. Thanks.
>> >
>> >Aaron Davis
>> >
>> >

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