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  • From: Jeremiah Rogers <jeremiah@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 00:42:42 -0500

        I'm Jeremiah Rogers, I've been following the project (somewhat) but I 
haven't had time to dig in yet. So I guess this is sort of an 
introduction. I have varied skills, so I'm not going to get into that... 
but about your question:
        I think there are a lot of lessons to be learned from how the mozilla 
project handles it's builds, or at least it's source tree. One of the 
great things they have is if you check something in that breaks the 
tree, they quickly get it outta the tree so that the entire tree won't 
be broken while you try and fix it.
        Another really important thing, according to the Joel 
Test(http://joelonsoftware.com/stories/storyReader$180), is that the 
entire build process be one step. This is important for various reasons, 
but mainly because you don't want to accidentally forget something along 
the way to shipping a product and then screw something up, plus it 
prevents things from becoming tedious, quote:
        "On good teams, there's a single script you can run that does a full 
checkout from scratch, rebuilds every line of code, makes the EXEs, in 
all their various versions, languages, and #ifdef combinations, creates 
the installation package, and creates the final media -- CDROM layout, 
download website, whatever."
        Anyways, just some input, I also suggest people read that entire 
about functional project managment, joel has some very good articles on 
his website to read which all seem to make lots of sense as far as real 
world software development goes.
        Just some thoughts though, sorry if any of it has already been 

Aaron Davis wrote:

> Hello. My name is Aaron Davis. I am now the build meister for OpenBeOS. 
> Michael told me my first assignment was to investigate what everyone thought 
> of as a good source tree and then make something that everyone can live with. 
> So thats what i'm doing. Feel free to e-mail me suggestions to my address 
> (iceman@xxxxxxxxxxxx) or to the list. Any input would help me revise the 
> current source tree. Thanks.
> Aaron Davis

Jeremiah Rogers
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