[openbeos] Re: [OT] Re: gcc 3.x ABI

  • From: "Thierry Delhaise" <delhaise.t@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 04:01:18 GMT

> I suspect that the 2.95.3 build on bebits is missing
> some of the patches applied to the R5 and 2000 builds
> on geekgadgets, and this causes some of its awry
> behavior.  A suitably motivated person could probably
> patch that build so that it would be better behaved
> and we could still have the mmx/etc. support.  Or, it
> could just be that 2.95.3 really is that buggy. :-)

I don't know if I'm suitable on this topics ;-) but I can say that I've 
download from gcc.gnu.org the 2.95.3 and start the port.
I've compile it on FreeBSD with target i586-pc-beos and have apply all 
pathes. And I'm currently running all the testsuite on it to be sure 
first the version is ok as a cross compiler. When I will have it, I 
will use it to build under FreeBSD a Native i586-pc-beos.
So, it will be my This version won't be usable. I will have 
to apply all the patch store inside the cvs for this version ! Binutils 
will also be upgrade. The final version will be 2.13. I've took contact 
with gcc and binutils team (so RedHat ;-) )) and they will assist me in 
the analyses of the test suite result. When all those version will be 
build (under FreeBSD), I will copy those on my R5 machine and will 
perform a "host" build directly under the same source. 

All the test suite have to be port on BeOS. So, I've allready port 
autoconf, automake, and gmake 3.79.1 (gmake 3.77 have some problems too 
;-). I'm currently working on the port of tcl 8.4.0 which is necessary 
to compile "expect" and "dejagnu", the whole tools chains !

I'mcurrently dealing with a socket problem under R5 for tcl and deal 
with some headers : we don't have the <arpa/...>.

The bug about fseek wil be handle globaly in the wall 2.95.3/binutils 
by a new test (m4 macros) and if the check detect some errors( on BeOS, 
it will ;-), the gcc wil use a "my_fseek" and "my_seek" function 
version. This test will be incorporate inside the 3.x build by the 
binutils and gcc teams. 

Finaly, I will rebuild libroot with the newest compiler, just to see !

The port of a 3.x version could be possible easaly after !

Travis is currently building NewOS (as TreyB tell me this morning on 
irc) the core kernel with a 3.X. Some of them use a 3.0.4 cross compil 
under Linux to build the kernel.

Just info !


Thierry (BeFree)

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