[haiku] Re: [OT] Could some mentor give me some pointers regarding GSOC?

  • From: lodewijk andré de la porte <lodewijkadlp@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2012 05:04:37 +0100

Seeing as how we're allready offtopic. What's a "cross-platform javascript
framework", have you ever seen one that didn't run on
windows/linux/mac/openbsd/haiku? Lest it's built on Facebook/Google/etc as
a platform I think it's quite meaningless a statement. It also doesn't set
it apart from the mayor library's jQuery or my favorite Mootools. Quite
frankly it's goals seem no different from Mootools'. I don't see any magic
syntax. Re-usability is very possible using Mootools. It seems to be all
the hype about components but the syntax is practically identical to the
Mootools new Element('elementtype', { events: { click: functionname } ,
attributename:'attribvalue'}).grabs([new Element('div'), new
Element('span')]) syntax. I understand that a control is more than just an
element but there's nothing stopping you from creating a function that
produces complexer element structures.

Why is this framework interesting? What development should be done?

2012/2/7 Andre Alves Garzia <soapdog@xxxxxxx>

> Hello Folks,
> I am a former GSOC student who helped with the network preflet. These days
> I work mostly with languages other than C and I've been trying to help with
> the new Enyo open source effort ( http://www.enyojs.com ). The member of
> the Enyo team who is responsible for trying to get Enyo accepted as a GSOC
> organization asked if I could give him some input. I only have experience
> from a student point of view, could one of the mentors help me with some
> information? We don't know much about how to proceed and Haiku has been a
> real champion GSOC-wise.
> I know this is not Haiku related, so, if someone could agree to provide
> some info, we could take this discussion off-list.
> Thanks in advance
> Andre

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