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As a keen follower of the development of Haiku when do you think a normal run of the mill end user like me might see
something that we can work with.


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I saw the posting on OSNews, too. And it sounds like a good idea. But, as Axel
and Marcus said, not now.

To be honest, even the unofficial builds are a little scary. Because we want to
be different. Like Be was different. Did you ever get a Be release that showed
poor quality? Not that you weren't happy with the features or something, but
that crashed all the time? Or where you sort of shook your head and asked
yourself if anyone looked at it before it went out?

To be honest, we have all seen other OSs that were pretty sorry in their
shipped state. No one is really innocent. It is pretty easy to point fingers,
for example, at Windows ME or Mac OS 6 multi-finder. Open source has not much
better track record, to be honest. There have been lots of cases where OSS
stuff has stunk up the place. Haiku should be better than that. We should
release something that makes people say "WOW! Where did that come from? Where
can we get more!?!?!?!?!" That is our vision. That's why we don't have a
"release candidate .0001alpha". We could. There are lots of OSS systems out
there that aren't as good as Haiku is today. But we want to do something
better. :-) I know that it is hard to be patient. Probably no one is more
impatient than I. :-D But anticipation makes the wait worth while.


On 2006-01-29 at 21:30:51 [-0500], Mat Hounsell wrote:
OS Zoo got a mention on OS News today.
OS Zoo hosts qemu images of free operating systems, some still pre -release
like Haiku.
That's were I got a ReactOS image that reale piqued my interest.

Since we have qemu images it might get us a lot more interest, especially
from those who think it is still a pipe dream.


Submission Guidelines

Every contribution is really much appreciated, but it would be better to
follow some guidelines in order to provide a standard way to collect,
distribute and use the images.
Creation Rules

* Create a large disk image. 10 GB should be enough. Even if large, the
image file will occupy just the dimension of the data present in it (thanks
to the qcow format), so after creation the image, even if large, will be just
a few Kb
* Use the qcow format for the images: qemu-img create -f qcow image.img
* After creating the image, create a compressed clone of the image:
qemu-img convert -f qcow -c image.img -O qcow image_compressed.img
* Rename the compressed image. Use something appropriate (for example,
* Put the image inside a directory having the same name of the image.
Create a README file and fill it with your name, email, date, notes (don't
forget to add root password and other information you think users should know)
* Tar the directory but DO NOT COMPRESS it again. The tar file should be
named as the directory (i.e.: openbsd_3.8.tar). If you want you can add a
timestamp in the format yyyymmdd (i.e.:openbsd_3.8_20051001.tar)

Submission Rules

* Please, DO NOT SUBMIT OPERATING SYSTEMS that can't be redistributed!
* Create a .torrent file for the file you've just created. Be suse to use
http://www.oszoo.org:6969/announce as tracker.
* Send the .torrent file as attachment to marinell@xxxxxxxxxxx . Please,
NOT SEND IMAGES as attachment, even if small
* Wait for the confirmation. The .torrent will be manually added to the
tracker so it may take some time. Once done you'll be authorized, start
sharing the file using the oszoo tracker. The seeder on the oszoo server will
immediately start to download and reshare the file.
* After being checked, the image will be published on the oszoo server and
you'll be credited as creator and maintainer of that image



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