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Wow... anyway let's see what we can do:

If we all had the capacity to produce that much electricity,
we would be feeding it into The Grid in the first place rather
than e.g. using 22 quads (!) of polluting coal in e.g. the US to produce
1/4 of its electricity (or even, nuclear plants,for that matter):
  U.S. Energy Flow  2000

Plus, the implicit "plan" from the article is supposedly to use
a massive amount of PV panels to produce the phenomenal
qtity of H2 that would be equivalent to the 20Mb/d (20 million
barrels a day) of oil consumed there; given that PV panels
have an efficiency < 20%, this'd mean covering hundreds of
square miles of soil with those panels. No way that many panels
could be manufactured.

Ethanol has a negative ERoEI so let's not mention it.

The situation on natural gas in the lower 48 (in case someone thinks of it
as a plan B in case the PV panels plan fails):
  METHANE MADNESS: A NATURAL GAS PRIMER, by Randy Udall & Steve Andrews, 

Follow your leader (hint: he isn't using a H2 fuel cell, and barely PV if even 
  "Cool alternative to energy crunch"

Ending with what I should have begun with: Fossil Fuels Overview
  When Will the Joy Ride End?

>As the 
> European folks here can attest, the EU is moving forward on plans to 
> convert entirely to a hydrogen economy over the next decade (or so, 

Plaît-il ?

I wish Be coders focused on what they do best...

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