[openbeos] Re: Newsletter #28

  • From: DaraD <kontakt@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 08:41:09 +0200

Hi all ..

first: the last newsletter -arcticel was great .. i love it to see an
new BeBox (with clawhammer etc ;-)

here are some of my thougths about the last newsletter#28 article :

MP> I doubt that the BB2K3 will ever get built. Today's venture capital market 
isn't exactly looking for high risk ventures to take on the Behemoth. But we 
can dream, can't we?

why do you think this is high risk ..
we can build a bebox for our own ..
make clear what processor what mainboard (i think there have not to be
a graphicchip onboard .. because image-quality and performance ..
(there is no onboard-chip out there like the pharhelia))
and what graphic-card ..

build a prototype and make it public ..
say : "this is the new bebox" (you have to make votes before .. (evtl.
a beunited-task ??))
and now ask the community (this is the first and biggest market ..)
for the bebox .. take up the orders (wait for 3 month ..) and then ask
some manufactorer (mainboard,ram,processor,case.. (or even a Trader) for
lower prices when you buy a lot of this (even 50-150) ..

then you build this systems (make short profit .. by making the
community a service) i promise a fee from 40$ per box .. (i think this
is enougth ( for me personelly .. ))

and if there is (one day ..) the OBOS (or B.E.OS ..COSMOE .. zeta?)
the only OS of the world .. then you can make it a bigger bussiness ..

the service for the community is .. the original bb2k3 (bb2k4??) and a
hardware-platform that is full supportet ;-)

is there someone out there take this task up ?
or is there someone interessted in such a box ?

Best regards,
 DaraD                            mailto:kontakt@xxxxxxxx

p.s.: one additional suggestion :  what ever the Hardware is .. it has
to be slow .. (very slow ..) it is a bit more expensive but i want to
love such a box ;-)

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