[haiku] Re: New alpha?

  • From: Nickos V <tonestone57@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 10:06:03 -0700

> I have used x86-64 linux for like 5 years and it *is* noticeably faster 
> then x86-32.

Yes, many people pushing for 64-bit OS want it for better performance but this 
really affects math intensive applications!

That means, conversion/encoding (video + audio) programs, encryption + 
compression programs, 3D programs, etc. - Any software that maxes out the CPU

1) Going 32-bit means that everyone with x86 (Pentium or better) gets to use 
Haiku. With 64-bit, some people will be left out. Like 25-40%? Or maybe higher?
2) How many people use math intense applications? How much of their total 
computer use is for this?

Sure, 64-bit gives better performance, on programs that use lots of math you 
get 20-40% faster, but those people that listen to audio, play movies, surf the 
web, write emails, write documents, make computer drawings, etc. would see no 
benefit compared to 32-bit OS!

It is better to lose out on some extra performance by staying with 32-bit than 
to exclude a bunch of users who still use 32-bit computers.  33% of my family's 
computers are still 32-bit.  
Even Microsoft still supports 32-bit OS with Windows 7.  Many Linuxes also 
provide 32-bit versions.  Why have they not dropped 32-bit completely?  That 
should tell you something.

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