[openbeos] New Teams pages

  • From: "Daniel Reinhold" <danielr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "OpenBeOS mailing list" <openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 14:56:06 CST

The new Teams pages are up on the website. Just click on the 'Teams' 
navigation item on the left to see the collection of links.

Each team page has the following:
A header description
List of team members
Basic stats
Activity notes

I've filled the header descriptions as best I can. If anyone notices an 
error or wants to suggest something to add, let me know.

The member list is as accurate as far as I know. Team leads should 
verify that it matches their own list. If anyone has joined up and 
doesn't see their name listed, let me know.

The stats section has two parts: a status line and CVS stats. The 
status uses the same tags as Sourceforge does for projects to delineate 
the development cycle because they make sense. I marked most teams as 
still being in the Planning stage. Once you start writing some serious 
code, it moves to Pre-Alpha. The phase line is there to break down each 
stage a bit further. Early, middle, and late are just basic guesses 
about where the devopment stands within the current stage.

The CVS stats were taken from my utility to gather basic stats on the 
CVS folders. They are accurate, but they are only updated once a week 
for now.

The activity notes are split into two columns: 'Implemented' and 'In 
Progress'. In Progress is the collection of items being currently 
worked on. As they are completed, they should move over to the left 
column. I was tempted to call the left column 'Finished', but backed 
off because that might dissuadge  developers from ever putting anything 
there. If you've implemented class BFoo, then it can go there. It 
doesn't matter that BFoo may get updated or rewritten later.

The activity notes is the only part where I'll need active 
communication from team members. Just email me whenever you want to 
update this info.

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