[openbeos] Re: Name suggestion

  • From: "Elver Loho" <elver.loho@xxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 01:00:43 PDT

Would someone be so nice as to write a polite letter to Palm asking how 
they feel about OpenBeOS and if they are planning to take any legal 
action against such projects? It would be nice if the OpenBeOS project 
leader were to write this letter. There's been enough speculating about 
the subject. And if it's okay with Palm to use the name OpenBeOS, I can 
finally make me a nice OpenBeOS T-Shirt :)

Elver Loho
P.S: Where's the guy who is supposed to be recruiting? I sent my 
application to him over 5 days ago yet he has not replied nor added me 
to the project. I Wish to join the QA / Testing team.

>> Yes (asking Palm), and the lawyer representing Lindows is a friend 
of my
>> family, plus I just finished a law class on this topic.
>Didn't the press release say that Be retains "certain rights" -- like
>rights to the name, rights to antitrust suits, et cetera?
>I couldn't find it on the web site, or on archive.org.

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