[openbeos] Name Argument

  • From: "Nick Roper" <nick.roper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 21:19:31 +0100


I don't see why so many people are having problems with the fact that a new 
name HAS to be chosen for OBOS, and why people are reading so much into the 
choices. Does it really matter if the chosen word is masculine or feminine (or 
even neuter) in different languages? I can see that it could be a problem 
giving it a name that has a certain meaning in another language..... there was 
an example with Jif household cleanser when it was released to the European 
market, as in one of the countries it was to be introduced, Jif was a slang 
word for 'sexually satisfying oneself', so they renamed it to Cif. But I think 
the best way to choose a name is to choose one which sounds good and is 

Out of the list of the 15 final names, I would assume that people could find 
faults with all of them, and for that matter with any name that someone might 
come up with.

I like the sound of the name Dysis, and also of the name Auros, though people 
have been hinting that they don't want it to have OS at the end of the name 
becasue it has been played to death.

When a name is decided upon in the end, it's not going to bother me what it is 
called because the thing that should really matter is that the operating system 
is well programmed and will do the job it is intended for. I have liked BeOS 
for ages and like to use it because it is a good system. I wouldn't stop using 
it because someone decided to give it a silly name.

Lets concentrate on the real issues, like getting any bugs out and getting it 
ready for people to install.

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