[haiku] Re: Migration from Basho to Official Localization of Haiku

  • From: "Jonas Sundström" <jonas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 14:27:18 +0100 CET

PulkoMandy <pulkomandy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I think it would be nice to have all these questions
> asked to the user while the installer is copying files.

Sure, why not. You might want a split view, so the user
is aware that the installation is still in progress and
not yet complete.

One might need to deferr actual writing of prefences
until the installation has finshed, to avoid having them
lost or overwritten.

> And, by the way, I don't like the 'wizard' approach.
> Better let the user browse trough features in no 
> particular order and check what he wants.

It doesn't have to be page-based, step-by-step.
There are a couple of different user interface
approaches to take:

(A) Just offering a single-choice list of locale packs
- Russia
- Japan
- Korea
- China
with no choices and little information of what they

(B) A single page window offering a strict subset of the
prefences: a single language, a keymap, a font that can
actually show the glyphs of that language, ...

(C) À la carte - any/all preferences, targetting the volume
to which Haiku is being installed. (All preferences would
need to have support added for targetting a volume other
than the current boot volume, and/or deferred writing,
delegating settings file writing to Installer itself, to be
done when the install is finished.)

Or a combination of A, B and C. Start with a locale pack (A),
(or no locale pack) if necessary edit the simple options (B)
and then tweak the post-install target volume to your heart's
content by using any of all available prefs panels (C) 
depending on how much time/patiens you have.

C. has the benefit that you get familiar with the panels
you will be using later on. Negative is that it dumps all
options in your lap perhaps a bit too early, with little
guidance for a fat-locale/many choices necessary use case,
and leaving you to sort out which preferences are necessary
(now/install time) and which are not (now/never).


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