[haiku] Re: Migration from Basho to Official Localization of Haiku

  • From: "Jorge G. Mare" <koki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 20:14:28 -0700

On Fri, 2009-10-30 at 22:51 +0100, François Revol wrote:
> > >From what I recall, unzip-latin allows to properly list files with
> > SHIFT-JIS encoded filenames, which would otherwise be displayed 
> > garbled
> > (when you look at the content of the archive).
> > 
> > My understanding is that it changes nothing when extracting the file 
> > and
> > that the SJIS2UTF8 Tracker addon still has to be used after file
> > extraction.
> I see, well it's the same issue as with zip made from windows here 
> sometimes, just with iso encodings usually you only have a few chars 
> garbled, so you can usually guess, which I suppose is not the case for 


> There doesn't seem to be an easy solution to this anyway, since neither 
> FAT nor zip carry the fs encoding used (plus usually when you work with 
> many OSes you end up with files with UTF-8 names and others with iso 
> names in the same folder anyway).
> I just don't want to end up with 10 different tools, one for russian, 
> one for ...

Point taken; but if Haiku does not offer a solution (for whatever
reason, it really doesn't matter), you can then naturally expect that
people suffering from the problem will find their own solutions, and
nobody can blame them for that. It's a sort of "cater to them or loose
them" situation that I would think we want to avoid.

> Maybe SJIS2UTF8 could be made more flexible, with an heuristic to guess 
> source encoding, suggest changes with an OK/cancel dialog ?
> Things like *Emacs or irssi do have quite good methods of guessing 
> encodings.

If anyone can come up with a better solution, that would of course be


Jorge/aka Koki

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