[haiku] Migration from Basho to Official Localization of Haiku

  • From: Eguchi Satoshi <satoshieguchi82@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 22:36:42 +0900


This is my first time to send to this ML.
My English is rather limited, so I would appreciate your bearing with me.

I have engaged in disputes of both JPBE.net and Haiku recently, and
knew the guideline violation of Basho, which was distributed by JPBE.net.
In JPBE.net, we discuss something at the local forum on the JPBE.net
web site.
I think this discussin style prevents the interaction between JPBE.net
and Haiku Inc.,
so I try to be served as the go-between.
# I believe that the JPBE.net fellows will come here in future.

We hear that Axel-san offers SHINTA to create Japanese Optional Packages
(JOPs) at the local forum.
After an long and intensive discussion, we ceased to distribute Basho because
of the violation of Haiku Guideline, and decide to export some packages included
in Basho to Haiku as JOPs alternatively.
Most members of JPBE.net regard the JOPs as the official localization packages
of Haiku, and intend to include Anthy (an input method) and some Japanese fonts,
which are vital packages for the Japanese, in JOPs.
We spare no effort in providing necessary assistance and cooperation for merging
JOPs into the Haiku main stream.

However, we are not clear whether we may add other packages included in Basho
to JOPs.
In Japan, the developers are less interested in minor operating
systems like Haiku.
The original role of Basho was not only to bring the Japanese-oriented
to Haiku but also to demonstrate the potential of Haiku with the help of some
Thus we would like to have an alternative way to distribute some
applications with Haiku.

So, would you tell us
 1) what type packages shoul be included in JOPs,
 2) how to distribute applications which are attractive for the
Japanese with Haiku
     without creating the JPBE.net distribution like Basho?

Satoshi Eguchi (log-1)

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