[openbeos] Re: MeV. Abandonware or Showcase BeOS/Haiku native midi sequencer?

  • From: cyanh256@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 02:51:10 GMT

> I think this thread may warrant dusting the cobwebs off the 
> openbeos-midi list. We could resume a topic like this over there 
> without 
> it being considered off-topic.

Fair enough; I've subscribed to that list now.

> Personally, I'm eager to contribute ideas suggestions...sheesh! even 
> help out where I can in an effort to get all thing audio/midi in 
> Haiku 
> rolling along.

If you've got any thoughts regarding the design I have so far, or
any feature requests, that'd be really helpful. I have the code pretty
much under control, but designing the interface and keeping
feature-creep away is the hardest task of all!

I'll post a follow-up regarding the design so far to the openbeos-midi
list, though it hasn't really changed much from the original plan
(detailed on the Green Board thread).

One point worth mentioning here is that I don't intend to include
audio features in this sequencer, at least yet. While it's common for
mainstream sequencers to try to merge both features together,
there are a number of usability problems which arise because of it.

To get around this, I intend to implement MTC (MIDI time code)
support in the sequencer, to allow it to be synced to a separate
audio editing application -- perhaps later versions of the sequencer
could even allow tighter integration of the two via BMessages.

So if anyone's expecting (or working on) a hard disk recording
application for Haiku, bear in mind that this sequencer won't
provide those features yet. If there are no other takers by the
time the sequencer reaches the beta stage, I might knock
together some kind of very basic audio editor / multitrack
recorder application to go with it, but that's another matter

Thanks for the interest so far!

- Cyan

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