[openbeos] Re: Little meeting of the minds was Re: the new website

  • From: "Michael S" <mikesum32@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 19:59:53 -0400

I was not, in fact pissed. I should have add a ;-) winky face after my
"want to delete everything" post.

"Let's do the bloggywoggie" makes haiku about as professional as the opensolaris blog, but perhaps we want to be more professional.

Now I understand that Waldemar wants to make a professional site, but
let's not call it "blog" only.

Maybe it should be called "Development Blog" or "Haiku Blog" something that shows it is only for haiku related post. You could change all reference to "blog" and make it "article" instead.

If mmu_man is getting the wrong idea, is there hope for the rest of to know what's okay and what's not?

Can't just make the community section a separate part of haiku-os.org
? That way we can have all the 4400 and Stargate talk we want and the
developers will spend more time on haiku's site rather than there
previous blog because they can post haiku stuff and personal stuff to
different sections.

I can understand you don't want to mix business with personal, but how
can something be Haiku-related AND off-topic like you suggested?

Should you should rename "Personal" to "Haiku Opinions" or some thing else because when I see personal and blog I think of Bryan sanding parts of his house.

I am not getting the right idea because "blog" almost always implies
off topic posts and "personal" seems to me to means "personal life" as
opposed to "personal opinion on haiku".

So how about we just change blog to something else and change personal
to something else. lest everyone get the wrong idea.

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