[openbeos] Re: LinuxWorld in San Francisco canceled

  • From: "Ryan Leavengood" <leavengood@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 10:41:37 -0400

On 5/24/07, Jonas Sundström <jonas@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

From my point of view a lot of people came down on him pretty
hard, so is it any wonder he may want to sever all ties, and not
spend any more of his time/money/emotions.

Well as the person who apparently sent the message that was "the straw
that broke the camel's back", I will say I regret how Jorge reacted,
but I'm not sorry for what I wrote. I'm pretty patient and reasonable
but have been stretched to my limit in that regard when communicating
with Jorge, both recently and in the past. And I haven't communicated
with him as much as others probably have.

My argument would be if a lot of people came down hard on Jorge, was
that our fault or his?

I don't know what you guys see, or why you felt and responded
the way you did. I fail to see Jorge as a poisonous person.

I wouldn't say poisonous either, that is pretty harsh. He contributed
a lot of useful things to Haiku, and it is too bad he has decided to
write the project off. But frankly his behavior in this case of the
LinuxWorld booth and his response to my message in the other thread
says more about his character than we ever could.

Yes, he used a lot of words and he pointed out a lot of things
that people didn't think was relevant now, or ever, but it's sad
how the project failed here. How we failed here.

I don't think it is a failure to stop someone from bulldozing a
project into doing things his way because he fails to see that other's
views might actually be relevant. That is my perception of a lot of
what Jorge was doing. But again, he did a lot of good things for the
project, so maybe the bulldozing was necessary sometimes.

Perhaps if Jorge would just have stopped using his happy
smiley and just get mad for once, this wouldn't have gone
as far.

It seems when he finally did get mad, he stormed off in a pretty immature way.

I'm sorry to have to state this so bluntly, but I think that's the
least I can do.

It is good to get other perspectives. What I find interesting was that
my message set him off the way it did. Maybe I was too harsh, but in
the past it didn't seem like Jorge was too affected by things like
that. It is not like I'm even that important a part of the project,
just some lowly developer.


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