[openbeos] Re: Leaving OpenBeOS : David

  • From: "Axel Dörfler" <axeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 06:34:39 CEST (+0200)

Helmar Rudolph <helmar@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Careful here, Fred, because R5 is not the be-all and end-all.
> It has severe shortcomings that I for instance would not
> like to see repeated in R1. Furthermore, the time R1 comes
> out, R5 will be hopelessly outdated, UI and otherwise. Sure,

Okay, then please tell me what happened in OS development in the last 5
-10 years?
Not that much, I would say.

> That said... I fully understand why R1 is coming out the way
> it is. I'm just afraid it won't be enough.

Sure it won't be, and it doesn't aim to be. But apart from things to 
fix (like missing drivers, of course), and things that are just missing 
(like hardware OpenGL), what are you complaining about?
IM? Well, that's a 3rd party opportunity right now, even on most other 
Apps? Well, again, that's 3rd party related.
Nice UI? Oh my god, OpenBeOS won't have transparent menus.

Of course, PDF on screen is a nice thing, but it's not a requirement, 
or Windows wouldn't be on the market anymore.
I think the next big thing are database features included in the OS 
(for knowledge management). And that's something BeOS is still in lead 
of all major OSs out there. Of course, it might not be the case 
anymore, when R1 is out. But it won't be terribly outdated either.

> get involved), because the BeOS community does have a knack
> of shooting (read: ignoring) their own developers, and Peter
> Moore's original post on BeGroovy demonstrated that (like

That's true, but that's also related to what he is doing. If he would 
have done a strip poker game, I am sure he would have gotten more 
But that's a general problem, mostly based on the small market, we 
can't change that in any other way than getting R1 done. And that's 
what we're doing :)
I really appreciate what Peter has done so far, and I am glad everytime 
some professional stuff is released on BeBits, but *I* am not using any 
of those nice things personally.

> I want to end on a positive note though and encourage all
> users to provide feedback to the developers, and encourage
> the developers to be open to users' ideas. At the same time

Well, every developer that is releasing anything to the public should 
be interested in the user's opinion :-)

> PS: Ithamar is doing significant work on Bernd Korz' "Zeta",
> but I say this under correction, so don't nail me on it.  I
> guess the same will happen with other coders dissatisfied
> with OBOS. If they don't leave the BeOS scene, they will

AFAIK he has never said he were dissatisfied with OpenBeOS - and I 
would really wonder why he should.


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