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  • From: Mattia Tristo <mattia.tristo@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2013 13:47:08 +0100

Haiku is rewritten from scratch, not beos code, but only API scheme is the

best regards

2013/3/13 Jason McArdle <jasonmm1979@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello everyone!
> I just have a few... well... newbie questions :)
> How much of Haiku is actually based off of BeOS? I read somewhere that
> Haiku actually uses very little of the original BeOS code, so would
> anything from the original BeBook/Be User Guide still apply to it?
> Haiku also doesn't seem to recognize the USB headset I have hooked up.
> Also, what are there for modern programs that currently-in-use by
> other major operating systems also have a port for Haiku? It would be
> great to see Blender/GIMP/etc be available for it. It would be even
> nicer if I could set up a localhost Wordpress server.
> Just asking!
> Thanks!



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