[openbeos] Re: Javascript-capable Browser

  • From: "Erik Jakowatz" <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2002 22:37:54 -0800

Ah, so sort of an endorsement by OBOS of a particular browser project.  
Interesting idea, though potentially politically tetchy.  The first 
thing that would have to happen is the various BeOS browser groups would 
have to agree to band together behind whatever browser the OBOS group 
decided to "support".  The second thing would be getting a concensus on 
what browser that would be.  I don't know if either of those are 
possible, but it would be great to see it happen.  As I said earlier, my 
vote would be for BeZilla -- I bet it could easily be on par with the 
other ports by R1 if all the browser folks jumped in with gusto.  Yeah, 
it's huge and arguably bloated beyond belief, but it is a 
standards-compliant browser with all (and I do mean *all* ;) the bells 
and whistles.  Factor in the sizeable development effort behind it (the 
Mozilla base code anyway) and the fact that a team really only has to 
smack the port into shape and keep it that way and it seems like a 
no-brainer.  Definitely not as glamourous as writing your own, but 
probably better for us all in the short term.

Unless somebody has a BeOS browser that is as stable, 
standards-compliant and has complete javascript support.  Then we've got 
a horse race. =)


>What I meant in my last paragraph when I said "OBOS to be a common =
>rallying point" is that this project finally gives the browser people a 
>real reason to unite.  We all seem to agree that BeOS / OBOS needs a =
>GOOD Javascript Browser that we can show off to our friends who use =
>other operating systems.
>I believe that if the OBOS project were to trumpet this belief loud and 
>long, that it could get the browser people to unite under our banner, =
>and REAL progress could soon be realized--even before R1.  In that =
>best-case scenario, the existing BeOS community would benefit =
>substantially by retaining userbase.  All of this with no loss of =
>resources to the OBOS project, and with tremendous gain realized when 
we =
>all start buying R1 discs and handing them out to our friends.  :-)

Data is not information, and information is not knowledge: knowledge is 
not understanding, and understanding is not wisdom.
        - Philip Adams

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