[openbeos] Jason Samms, unreleased OpenGL

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  • Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 12:20:11 -0500

Michael Phipps wrote:

>As far as OpenGL, porting Mesa sounds like a great idea.
>Honestly, OpenGL is the one area of BeOS that scares me.
>Not so much the software render side, but the "real", hardware accelerated
>stuff. Everyone that I have ever spoken to who should know says that 
>Jason Samms is a *great* engineer. And that HWOGL is not really even 
>near done. And that most mere mortals will struggle to understand it.

My sense (from what I read on the user sites, and from knowing a 
couple of the right people) is that the new OpenGL kit was pretty 
complete. Jason did his job extraordinarily wel--what was missing was 
a wide variety of hardware drivers. Or am I missing something?

I do agree with you that OpenGL deserves its reputation (N.B. I have 
no direct experience with it...I haven't done any coding in years.) 
In particular, drivers aren't easy to write. Note Leo Schwab's 
experience fighting with the 810 drivers, which I've heard him 
describe in a couple forums...in theory, you'd expect reference 
boards and documentation from a company at Intel's scale to be good, 
and it <cough> wasn't a good experience.

It would be cool to hear from either Leo or Jason, or maybe even some 
other ex-Be types like JBQ and Andrew Kimpton, weighing the design 
tradeoffs of going with MESA or going with a replacement OpenGL kit.

Who knows, maybe they're lurking, like I was. (Sorry to go </lurk> on 
y'all, but I wanted to grab Jason's OpenGL back while I had a chance, 
and then I couldn't resist the unwise temptation to keep typing.)


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