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  • From: David Sowsy <dsowsy@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 08:23:38 -0500 (EST)

>       Now we could write our own graphics server from scratch, which would be 
> an enormous waste of time,

Not if we don't want to get ourselves into a viral license mess. The
solutions you present appear to follow the GPL. 

> or we could use one of the existing ones 
> (which just might make sense). There are three real options that I see 
> for our graphic system, we could use X(xfree86.org), Berlin 
> (http://berlin-consortium.org/), or the thing that comes with 
> AtheOS(atheos.cx).
>       My personal thought is that X is old and tired, and that some day 
> Berlin 
> will hopefully replace it.

Let X and X compatibility die *NOW*. 

>       There are other options of course, but I don't think we're going to 
> want 
> to write our own graphics system, it has already been done many times 
> before. 

"What men have done, men can do." 
(And do it better) 

Our goal is to have BeOS source level compatibility, last I checked 
X11 was not even near that goal. 

Device level access -> Virtual FrameBuffer -> BWindow

The simplest way to make a virtual framebuffer is to treat it like a
linear bitmap. (1-d array) and give it offsets for 2-D like access) for
building get/put pixel primitives.

A smart interface and abstraction layer to the frame buffer is something
we're talking about with the GameKit right now. 

>The great thing about Objects is that things are abstracted so 
> we could have the Interface Kit work with various systems (X, Berlin, etc).
>       Some input would be appreciated, I'm sure people have thought about 
> this 
> more than me and I'd love to hear what the think.

I think the idea is to to keep object-like access wrappers around the
framebuffer, but to not keep the object overhead. Robert Medeiros has
mentioned the idea of keeping handles around (and if we can do this
in a smart way) we can make our lives easier in the long run. 
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