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  • From: Jeremiah Rogers <jeremiah@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 02:32:05 -0500

Berlin uses OpenGL for 2d and 3d acceleration. This lets it do various 
cool tricks (you can rotate windows on x, y and z axis for example) but 
it also gives it the potential to do some things incredibly quickly. 
Right now Berlin uses a CORBA interface and is based on the Fresco 
toolkit, it's somewhat slow because there has been almost no 
optimization done for it. Once it's optimized though, it should be very, 
very fast, and OpenGL is a part of that.

I think all of the current alternative interface toolkits for beos(like 
gtk) are just written as abstraction layers for the native interface 
kit. Therefore it doesn't really seem possible for me to boot into R5 
and get to work creating a new interface, I would either need to know 
how to access the GUI directly, or I'd need to use something other than 
the display server used for Beos.

Peter Moore wrote:

> Jeremiah,
>     where does OpenGL fit into the scheme of things?
> thanks
> peter
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>>Hey everyone,
>>      I'm going to be working on the interface kit, or at least that's what 
>>I've been telling myself. The funny thing about an interface kit is that 
>>it's generally used as an abstraction layer between the operating system 
>>and a graphics server of some sort.
>>      At this point, I don't see anyone working on a graphics server, correct 
>>me if I'm wrong.
>>      Now we could write our own graphics server from scratch, which would be 
>>an enormous waste of time, or we could use one of the existing ones 
>>(which just might make sense). There are three real options that I see 
>>for our graphic system, we could use X(xfree86.org), Berlin 
>>(http://berlin-consortium.org/), or the thing that comes with 
>>      My personal thought is that X is old and tired, and that some day 
>> Berlin 
>>will hopefully replace it. Berlin also has some _really_ cool looking 
>>features(transparency, fully based on opengl, 3d windows) that work at a 
>>not-bad speed. It needs to be optimized of course, but it _will_ get fast.
>>      Also we can run berlin on top of X, so that someone working on the 
>>interface kit could do that work while still running their normal 
>>graphics system on their computer.
>>      There are other options of course, but I don't think we're going to 
>> want 
>>to write our own graphics system, it has already been done many times 
>>before. The great thing about Objects is that things are abstracted so 
>>we could have the Interface Kit work with various systems (X, Berlin, etc).
>>      Some input would be appreciated, I'm sure people have thought about 
>> this 
>>more than me and I'd love to hear what the think.
>>      -Jeremiah
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Jeremiah Rogers
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