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  • Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 18:19:54 +1100


    where does OpenGL fit into the scheme of things?

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>Hey everyone,
>       I'm going to be working on the interface kit, or at least that's what 
>I've been telling myself. The funny thing about an interface kit is that 
>it's generally used as an abstraction layer between the operating system 
>and a graphics server of some sort.
>       At this point, I don't see anyone working on a graphics server, correct 
>me if I'm wrong.
>       Now we could write our own graphics server from scratch, which would be 
>an enormous waste of time, or we could use one of the existing ones 
>(which just might make sense). There are three real options that I see 
>for our graphic system, we could use X(xfree86.org), Berlin 
>(http://berlin-consortium.org/), or the thing that comes with 
>       My personal thought is that X is old and tired, and that some day 
> Berlin 
>will hopefully replace it. Berlin also has some _really_ cool looking 
>features(transparency, fully based on opengl, 3d windows) that work at a 
>not-bad speed. It needs to be optimized of course, but it _will_ get fast.
>       Also we can run berlin on top of X, so that someone working on the 
>interface kit could do that work while still running their normal 
>graphics system on their computer.
>       There are other options of course, but I don't think we're going to 
> want 
>to write our own graphics system, it has already been done many times 
>before. The great thing about Objects is that things are abstracted so 
>we could have the Interface Kit work with various systems (X, Berlin, etc).
>       Some input would be appreciated, I'm sure people have thought about 
> this 
>more than me and I'd love to hear what the think.
>       -Jeremiah
>Jeremiah Rogers
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