[openbeos] Re: Interested in Porting Applications

  • From: Waldemar Kornewald <wkornew@xxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 14:06:26 +0200

Stephan Assmus wrote:

I am a C++ programmer (or developer as the open source world calls us). I am interested in porting Non-BeOS applications to Haiku (, but I do not know know where to start. I was wondering I someone whould be willing to direct me on the right path. I have BeOS experience but only as an user (BeOS 5 Professional way back when :-D ). Right now i am on Ubuntu Linux "Dapper Drake" 6.06, but I also program in the Microsoft Visual Studio Enterpise IDE.

How about picking up the AbiWord port? You don't start from scratch... and it is something very useful. :-)

Alternatives (maybe someone else is interested): * Gnumeric * InkScape * update the LaTeX (teTeX / BeTeX) port * update the gnuplot port * update the Octave port * Vim 7.0 with nice UI and good BeOS integration (like in Windows) * drivers (gigabit NICs, TV cards, ...) * file systems (NTFS, NFS, ext2fs/ext3fs, XFS?, ZFS?, ReiserFS?) * TrueCrypt or some other good multi-platform FS encryption app * LyX?

Please forgive my egoism (I need a few scientific apps :).

Less interesting, but also useful:
* GTK+
* QT
* WebCore/KHTML? (BHTML class)

But there are also a lot of interesting Haiku-native projects. Your imagination is the limit. Wow, I'll go to the marketing team. ;))


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