[openbeos] Icons, summery of past discussions

  • From: "Joachim Seemer" <j.seemer@xxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 07:31:46 +0100 CET


Congrats to Stippi for winning the icon style contest! I'm quite happy with the 
outcome, as I love the old BeOS icons and the new direction isn't too different.
While the contest was running, there has been some discussion on style and 
personal preferences. I looked through the archive to capture opinions from 
back then, thinking it might be good to consider while writing the eventual 
icon style guide or as a starting point for renewed discussion.

Often similar comments came from different people; then I just kept the first 
quote I found or the one most clearly explaining the issue.

Also note that this "summery" is probably not complete. I apologize if I 
(dis)missed anything important.


Here it goes:



Zenja Solaja:

"From all the sets outlined, I must admit that I prefer the icons which have a 
black outline.  These icons stand out, especially when they are over a 
colourful background image."

"I dont know about the habits of other users, but I prefer to view folders with 
a list / detailed view.  I will spend a majority of my time using 16x16 icons.  
In fact, the only icons I will view at 32x32 or 64x64 are the desktop icons.  
Whichever set wins, extra attention  must be made to the 16x16 look."


Petter Holt Juliussen:

"I think a very dark version of the color on "the inside" of the outline works 
well. This is used in Tango, and in 575 (a bit too bright version though)."


Stefano Ceccherini:

"I hope we stay with the isometric perspective for our icons."


Axel Dörfler:

"The colors of the Be-like icons are mostly like their originals. How about 
taking the Haiku logo colors (green, orange, yellow) more into account?"


Philippe Houdoin:

"I disagree about the needs to insert Haiku logo's colors into the generic 
executable blocks colors. The current colors are more 
lego-colored-blocks-like-components inspired to me than first Be logo two 
colors + yellow color..."

"The tool for preferences icons is way better than a checkmark, as most often 
these tools offer a way to setup and tune than just 
enabling/disabling/checking, the meaning of checkmarks in my mind. The overlay 
should be very distintive and in the same isometric shadow-casting perspective 
as the rest of the set, which is not the case in Stippi's Screen preflet icon 

"Last but not least regarding preflet standard overlay, it should be keep very 
visually distintive as under BeOS. Maybe a gray color is not eyes catcher 
enough for that. A tool with a colorful handle like a red-handle screwer (red 
to keep some link with old BeOS red checkmark) will be better?"

"Any textual label [like JPG, CD] should be dropped in 16x16 size."


Stephan Assmus:

"Somehow I like shadows. Without the shadows, the more simplistic icons look 
too simplistic. :-) The object looks more alive with a shadow, there is one 
more dimension/more depth to it, IMHO."

"Simplified versus Natural/Realistic:
The Honey set and the hopefully comming set by Pawel, which both must have been 
a lot of work, show to me that these kind of icons don't work so well with 
regards to clearness at lower icon resolutions. Even more so without outlines. 
We should also not underestimate the performance impact that these sets are 
going to have. A) They are going to take a lot of storage space, even with my 
format and B) they will take longer to render... A)[C] It will take longer for 
us to complete the entire set, and B)[D] icons are more likely to look 
different when done by different people."


Matt Madia:

"Shadows: the light source needs to be the same as the one that casts the drop 
shadows on the gui elements, eg coming from the top left corner. The lighting 
of the icon needs to reflect that light source."

"As much as I love R5's iconset, I would prefer one with a more modern feel. 
The pulled perspective that Stippi uses adds a very elegant touch to them (by 
pulled persective, i mean how the bottom right corner is slightly elongated in 
a curvy way).


Urias McCullough:

"The thing that really sets off the 575 icons are the brighter colors and the 
"shine" on the front corners of the icons.  This shine is extremely appealing 
to me, and the bright colors are cheery and enjoyable."

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