[haiku] Re: Icons How-to

  • From: "François Revol" <revol@xxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 13:29:14 +0100 CET

> Jean-Marc Louviaux <jeanmarc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Do you know where i can find official icons in SVG format ?
> > Beside Icon-O-Matic,  do you have any prefered application than 
> > Inkscape to
> > create new icons ?
> Be aware though, that SVG is not a full replacement for the HVIF 
> (Haiku 
> Vector Icon Format), nor vice versa. There is a number of techniques 
> that make icons smaller, and crispier that SVG does not offer.

Yes, you really want to use Icon-O-Matic directly.
It is possible to import an SVG inside, but it will likely have many 
copies of paths and other stuff that will make the icon much bigger.

Actually, it should be possible to transport extra data in the SVG when 
exporting so as to read them back on open, by creating an Icon-O-Matic 
DTD, just like inkscape does, but as soon as you edit it elsewhere you 
will loose them.


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