[haiku] Re: Icon-O-Matic questions

  • From: Stephan Assmus <superstippi@xxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 18:25:24 +0200


On 2009-06-30 at 17:31:49 [+0200], Humdinger <humdingerb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> I'm looking into I-O-M for the user guide. I have a few questions... :)


> 1. Especially the Property view always truncates the descriptive words, 
> like "N...e" for 
> "Name". Couldn't the left sidebar be made resizable or at least have a 
> wider default? (OK, that was more like an enhancement ticket, but...)

I think this is actually a bug in our implementation of 
BFont::TruncateString() and/or our BView/BFont::StringWidth() methods. This 
code worked just fine on BeOS and I've seen other places in Haiku where 
code in one place calculates the necessary width with StringWidth() and 
then code at another place uses TruncateString() with that exact same width 
and string and what happens is that the string gets truncated even though 
it should not be. I'd rather leave I-O-M allone and fix the actual bug.

> 2. What does the Transformer "Transformation" do that can't be done with 
> the normal 
> just-move-resize-and-rotate-action done with a shape? If that's for 
> applying exact values via keyboard, it may be a good idea to have a 
> "Transformation" automatically added and updated when a shape is 
> moved/resized/rotated by mouse.

This Transformer is pretty useless. Plus, while it does something, I know 
that in certain situations it can behave badly.

> 3. The "Perspective" Transformer doesn't do anything for me besides 
> shrinking my shape to 
> a tiny dot. The properties also just contain a "Name" setting, so it 
> doesn't seem to have much use. Am I missing something?

This one is not implemented at all.

> 4. Does the "Freeze Transformation" in the Shape menu anything else but 
> saving the current 
> state a "Reset Transformation" goes back to? If so, is that really 
> necessary?

"Freeze Transformation" is actually useful. When you have transformed a 
shape, and you go back to editing one of the paths assigned to the shape, 
you will see that the paths are still at their untransformed location. 
"Freeze Transformation" will apply the current shape transformation to all 
the assigned paths (and styles too, BTW) -- provided that no other shapes 
reference the same paths/styles! -- and reset the shape transformation back 
to identity. Before you say that the path could be displayed at the 
transformed location, it is often also useful to keep displaying it 
untransformed (because of more convenient snapping perhaps). Plus when you 
edit a path, you don't know with what shape you want to be looking at it.

> 5. There are two export formats: BEOS:ICON and META:ICON. For an enduser, 
> only the 
> BEOS:ICON is of interest as that assigns the icon to a file. Maybe the 
> META:ICON stuff should go to the coder-section (RDeF etc.), and the 
> rather cryptic entry renamed to e.g. "Attach Icon".

I would keep both features, but I-O-M could hide this from the user and 
automatically pick the correct attribute name depending on the location of 
the file. If it happens to be inside the MIME database, it would use 
META:ICON. To be honest, I am currently working on other stuff and don't 
want to work on I-O-M right now.

> 6. The "Swatches" menu is <empty>. I guess that's for a future feature to 
> save/open palettes? Maybe that should be removed completely for now.

Yes, for exactly this purpose. It's very easy to implement too, if someone 
feels like looking into this. However, the menu also serves as a label, so 
I would just keep it as it is. I-O-M is not finished, in this particular 
case I'd not like to hide this fact. :-)

> That's it for now. I may have a few more in the future. :)

I can remove the two useless Transformers from the menu.

Best regards,

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