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To Prevent Cheating:

The only viable way to prevent cheating is to use email with a name attached.

So voting requires:

Email address:

The vote must be email confirmed.

This is the only way to keep vote duping to a minimum. IP blocking doesn't work. Cookies don't work. Session data doesn't work. There WILL be cheaters, I guarantee it.

This is way too important to not go all the way with. Our desktop environment is going to be determined by this.

I wonder if democratizing the process is wise?

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François wrote:
>Ideally there would be a set of matching images for use in toolbars,
> so
>when changing the icon set the toolbars would change accordingly...

I agree there should be a set of basic icons that a programmer can
use in
Whether the application uses them or allows changing and/or
scalability of
the icons will still depend on the application programmer.  Suggested
guidelines would be only thing that could be done.  I believe
Darkwyrm is
working on UI guidelines in between his other projects.

Sure am. I haven't done much with specifications for icons, though.
Having standardized toolbar icons for common functions is an excellent
idea. The only possible downside is that it would force a particular
look for toolbar buttons -- I don't know if that is a good thing or
not. Thoughts, anyone else?


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