[openbeos] Re: Hi from the PetrOS camp.

  • From: Peter Moore <peter@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 17:27:22 +1100

    I really appreciated your comments. While Peter is a "fellow aussie" and 
did great work on Trumpet winsock and subsequent projects i can't see why 
they would court OpenBeOS ahead of *BSD and Linux.

I mean seriously, while i use BeOS all the time, many others don't and so i 
can't see why you would want BeOS ahead of the others. As i mentioned above, 
i would have thought that BeOS compatibility would be low in PetrOS' 

I think we would be wasting our time in any effort which doesn't embrace BeOS 
application compatibility in its entireity ('scuse spelling). It's hard 
enough to get where we want to get anyway.

I would like to thank Peter for his offer and i think that once we get an 
"R1" out the door then maybe we could look at _maybe_ contributing to PetrOS. 
However, i dont think that this contribution should be part of our project. 

It is out of scope.

Personally i am a BeOS zealot and would prefer our efforts to concentrate on 
keeping BeOS alive through our project.

You have seen the interest in our project that the postings on slashdot 
generated and, to me, it implies that there are a lot of people who left BeOS 
that discovered that the "other OSes" didn't deliver what BeOS had already 
delivered - speed, reliability and FUN. BeOS is a joy to use. It's scary :-P  
These people are, i guess, still hanging around hoping that another version 
of BeOS ships and will probably come back to BeOS/OpenBeOS when we succeed. 

And we will succeed.
Peter Moore

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>> >We are still in the self-emerging phase of development
>> >here and not  pursuing "partnering" or corporate motifs yet. So unless
>> >you're going to dig in and start architecting and writing code right now,
>> >I'm not sure how useful you can be.
>> >
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>> Owing to the fact that he's developed an operating system and can
>> provide insights into some of the pitfalls he is very useful.
>An operating system at its lowest level is a program. I've written both
>programs and small operating systems for dedicated tasks. If someone is
>putting their cards on the table, you have to question why. Insights and
>pitfalls on how to, and how not to design an OS have been well travelled
>roads. Ask any CS undergrad to point you to the pile full of OS books
>that compare and contrast different shared memory schemes, threading
>systems, and synchronization systems occur in all of the popular OSes. 
>If you're claiming that maybe we need a push in the business world, you
>might want to pick up some basic books on marketing, and all of the
>various techniques to lie, cheat, and steal to sell x number of widgets. 
>It's been made pretty clear to us that the MIT license is what we're going
>with. Any attempt to hit a business angle on something that we don't
>already have done is nothing more than a distraction. 
>> There's more to software design than just coding.
>That was neither expressed nor implied, and if you had read the email I
>sent instead of snipping out what was convenient for you, you might've
>realized this. [FYI, I've spent the past 3 months at my dayjob working on 
>IEEE Std 830-1998 SRS requirements and functional specs for a huge
>software project that I've been working on, and UML data models and
>block diagrams will have to be prepared as well. ]
>This guy comes out of of thin air and toots his own horn about his
>commercial OS, and low and behold it makes news on http://www.osnews.com
>(Thanks Eugenia!), which just bought him some free advertising without
>actually doing anything.
>Take a look at the FAQ
>"Who can join? 
>Anyone! If you are a programmer, then let us know what your interests and
>skills are and we'll find something for you to dive into. If you are a
>writer, there are technical and user documents that will need to be
>written. If you have web design or graphics skills, those are of great use
>too. If you just like to write email, then help spread the word to others. 
>If you think you have any kind of contribution to make, by all means
>contact us and we'll find something! A project such as this can't have too
>many helping hands."
>It does indeed say "any" contribution, but the tone of the FAQ is that
>skills are needed, and that implies that people are using their skills to 
>produce output. Nothing in there about strategic partnering or licensing.
> > Peter....(the other one) > > > 

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