[openbeos] HaikuPorts

  • From: "scott mc" <scottmc2@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 11:34:05 -0700

The move of HaikuPorts is compete and we'd like to remind devs that
they can use these resources for their porting efforts.
For users who'd like to suggest various ports, you can do so on the
haikuports users mailing list:
No promises that it'll ever get done, but we can add it as a target
and if someone wants to work on it they can use the resources on
HaikuPorts to aid in their efforts.

I added aMule as a target, but as there is no wxwidget port, there's
no easy path to having an amule client soon either, but it's on the
list in case someone wants to tackle it at some point.  If you spot
something that was previously ported to BeOS and it's listed on
BeBits, let us know you'd like to see it on Haiku and we can add it to
the list of possible targets.  Email these requests to the haikuports
users mailing list.

For devs, by leaving a port log entry (example:
http://ports.haiku-files.org/wiki/dev-lang/yasm/0.7.1/1) of your
efforts and/or posting your patches, if anyone else is also working on
the same thing you might exchange notes and make faster progress.

If you are an official maintainer of a project, let us know that as
well and we can make a note of it, that's what we've already done in
some cases.



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