[haiku] Re: HaikuBox Revisited

  • From: "Miroslav Stimac" <Miroslav.Stimac@xxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2010 19:27:23 +0200


Thank you for your testing!
This sounds very interesting and I think that this is a first good step.

However, from my point of view the system is still too expensive.

Is your Mainboard with CPU, graphic card and RAM?

In a shop I found a mainboard and an AMD processor together for less than 120 
Euro. This is more than your mainboard and the mainboard that I saw contains no 
WiFi, but it has a Radeon X2100 graphic device and I think that the CPU is much 
faster: AMD Athlon II X2 dual core 3 GHz. I am not up-to-date. I do not know 
the CPU benchmarks, but I think that an AMD dual core CPU with 3 GHz is faster 
than an Intel Atom with only 1.66 or 1.67 GHz.

Furthermore, the VAT is 19 percentage in Germany. I think that such a 
configuration that I saw could be cheaper in the USA.

Of course, I did not test it and I do not know whether all devices would be 
supported by Haiku.

But I try to find a cheap solution for a low cost system and Intel seems to be 
not the cheapest one, at least I feel so.

By the way:
I remember that a few years ago I read an article about VIA Nano procossors.
What did happen?
Are they available?
If so, are they compatible with Haiku?

As I mentioned above, I think that your step is a very good one.
But for my taste the prices are still too high.

What do you think?

Best wishes,
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