[haiku] Re: Haiku package freedom.

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  • Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2009 17:37:55 +0100

Am 29.10.2009, 19:17 Uhr, schrieb Chris Andrew <cjhandrew@xxxxxxxxx>:

Is it possible for Haiku packages to have a flag set which indicates whether
the package complies with the 4 FSF Freedoms? This will make things much
cleaner for Free software converts who look at Haiku in the future (like

What's with the capitalisation of "Free"? I think we all appreciate your position but that and the idea of a "convert" are I think, perhaps irreducibly, polemical.

And, while there has recently been some discussion about redistribution / compilation (which is interestingly what the FreeBSD guidelines refer to regarding additional packages known as "ports" http://www.freebsd.org/copyright/LEGAL), licensing is not as much a priority as doing things the Haiku way. The Haiku programmers I've met care passionately about the quaility of their code and the user's experience and somewhat less about the paper work.

Haiku is open source according to the definition of the Open Source Initiative: http://www.opensource.org/

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