[haiku] Haiku User Groups

  • From: Giuseppe Gargaro <giuseppe.gargaro@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku <haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 17:34:44 +0000

 Three years ago Andrea Bernardi and I created the website Haiku Italia (
www.haiku-os.it) having, as main goal, the creation of a hub for the Italian
comunity. On the website there's quite a good avaiability of documents in
Italian (majorly thanks to the translations of the documents on

As far as the localization of the Italian OS is concerned we are organized
for a well done localization: the docs are translated on hta, discussed on
our forum (http://www.haiku-os.it/?q=node/721) and subsequently approved by
Francesca Mora who deals with the localization group and reviews the
translations being herself a certified translator. We are also translating
with the same scheme DarkWyrm's programming lessons.

Every time we can we join (as Italian Haiku users) Italian computer
happenings (Pianeta Amiga for instance), and recently we have been invited
by the University of Camerino for a talk on Haiku: we have explained the
history and the particularities of the OS, and we have dwelled on the
possibility the students have to join in the comunity and work with Haiku
during the GSOC.

We would love to create an association officially recognised by the project.
And to this terms we would like to have a feedback. The website is
www.haiku-os.it and is currently registred in my name, but it's totally for
the project.

We would like to know what the main idea is in terms of user groups, and if
the project is willing to keep them going and if so, what are the guidelines
relating their organization?

Best regards,

Giuseppe Gargaro

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