[haiku] Haiku User Group Logo : What is wanted?

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  • Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2010 22:21:42 +0000

This post got a little long in the tooth ...

This follows up on the Haiku-User-Groups thread *1, some other
posts*2,3, the current TM policy*4, and an old thread from 2008 that
shows that 3rd party sites cannot use or modify the HAIKU logo as
their own logo*5.

I'd rather this this thread to be just about new logos for user groups
and other 3rd parties.
From the weeks that I've been reading and dealing with this, the
possible topics tend to balloon quickly.
Eg, we address this single issue. stamp it done, ship it and move on
to the next.

What aspects does everyone want in a "Haiku User Group" logo and other
logos/graphics that can be used in a more liberal MIT / free-use for
creating new logos for independent community sites?

First Here's a brief look at the different graphics & trademarks:
 1.) HAIKU logo : This is a trademark.  It's usage is the least free.
Eg, Permission is needed for everything except: "Desktop wallpapers.
Web media such as buttons, screenshots."  At the moment, this policy
does not allow much without prior consent from the TM owners (Haiku,

 2.) "Haiku" name : This is a trademark. It is allowed in 3rd party
domain names.  In the future we may add some more text that those
sites need to mention www.haiku-os.org as the official home of the
Haiku Project -- or something to dispel any possible confusion that
visitors may have of "is this an official site or a user group or

 3.) Haiku's icons : These are NOT trademarks. They are provided under
the MIT license and have a liberal free-use policy -- Basically
acknowledge the original author when distributing your work. *5,6

 4.) Deskbar Logo : (the blue leaf). All of this is IIRC: This is NOT
a trademark. This is also under an free-use policy and the reason was
to help maintain consistency across 'distributions' that cannot use
the trademarks. *5,6

Here's some notes about trademarks.
In general Trademark Law and open-source projects don't mesh well.
Trademarks are designed to be "exclusive use", where as F/OSS projects
have much greater freedom with the source code.
Now, you may be asking 'Why can't we just allow free-use of our
trademarks?' -- Doing this will have two effects:
    1. Causing legal trouble to eventually flow back to the trademark
owners (Haiku, Inc.)
    2. Much Worse: Loosing the trademark by failing to protect against
misuse, even when intentions are good. At this point, "Haiku" would
stop being a trademark and anyone would be able to use it as they see
fit -- thereby destroying any sense of reputation that end-users have
grown to expect from "Haiku".

Some projects, such as Mozilla have a specific an unique logo for the
community. In this case, it' "Mozilla Communities"*8
IIRC, Debian has talked about also having 2 logos -- one
"Swirl+Debian" for official use only and a 2nd "Swirl only" for

So, back to the question:
For 3rd party sites that exist to support Haiku or Haiku Users, what
is wanted for a logo?
 ... allow all of the leaves in the HAIKU logo to be used in a
free-use manner? (outside of the HAIKU logo of course)
 ... allow the big leaf from the Haiku User Guide to be freely used *7
 ... create a few template logos, so that sites can simply insert
"Haiku User Group FooBar"?

Attached are two possible examples.
Here's some others*2


1: //www.freelists.org/post/haiku/Haiku-User-Groups
2: //www.freelists.org/post/haiku-inc/Using-Haiku-logoartwork-for-HUGs
3: //www.freelists.org/post/haiku/httpwwwhaikuosinfo,22
4: http://www.haiku-os.org/about/trademark_policy
5: //www.freelists.org/post/haiku-development/HaikuPorts-logo
6: //www.freelists.org/post/haiku/Splash-icons-licence,4
7: http://svn.haiku-os.org/haiku/haiku/trunk/data/artwork/   "Big*leaf
on transparent"  aka
8: http://www.mozilla.org/foundation/trademarks/list.html
9: http://wiki.debian.org/ProposedTrademarkPolicy

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