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Meanwhile, you are right The file that I uploaded wouldn't "size" properly, but the text would be sized appropropriatly for use — like a 16x16 icon vs a 512x512 icon (sizing vs. scaling). That aside, the critique of your design is somewhat irrelevant to the critique of mine (and vice versa) — we aren't comparing for a choice until we have a set of final drafts that are competing, until then, lets not compete, especially in critique. And, without sounding rude, there are certain components of design that are simply not taste, they are right or wrong. This is hard for a lot of people to accept, but in the first couple of weeks of my design education, everyone had to — its important for growth. That is not to say that everything is that way, but proper use of type, balance, composition, etc is right/ wrong. Style, mood, and story are up to "taste" to some degree though.

- Austin

On May 22, 2007, at 2:27 PM, Meanwhile - wrote:

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        I am going to provide critique because it seems as though you
prompted it, don't be upset or insulted, being detached is a very
important part of accepting critique. Design isn't art, it must be
able to stand without you standing with it. If you are a designer
or  you already know a critique works, that disregard my warning, I
just  don't want to come off as mean.

I must say that I am not I fan. This artifact looks like a
signature  you would find at the end of a forum post, not something
that would  ship on a CD or be put on the about page of a website.
It isn't  striking, is too difficult to read and is very,
"staccato" in feel —  its not pleasant enough. Also, your use of
type doesn't convey a  feeling that this badge should. Right now it
is saying "I am computer  generated, and for some reason some of me
is K-on-W and some is W-on- K, also I am techie-ish". Also, its an
odd aspect ratio for a badge.

- Austin

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Subject: [openbeos] Haiku Compatible badge (again)
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Here's what I made of it:


And some efforts that led to it:



(Couldn't add this to the existing thread as that was already
removed from my inbox, sorry...)

Latest and final version:



Personal tastes aside, I just wanted to make a badge that doesn't take up more than a quarter of a CD box's surface, because your design doesn't let itself be scaled down without becoming illegible.



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