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I am going to provide critique because it seems as though you prompted it, don't be upset or insulted, being detached is a very important part of accepting critique. Design isn't art, it must be able to stand without you standing with it. If you are a designer or you already know a critique works, that disregard my warning, I just don't want to come off as mean.

I must say that I am not I fan. This artifact looks like a signature you would find at the end of a forum post, not something that would ship on a CD or be put on the about page of a website. It isn't striking, is too difficult to read and is very, "staccato" in feel — its not pleasant enough. Also, your use of type doesn't convey a feeling that this badge should. Right now it is saying "I am computer generated, and for some reason some of me is K-on-W and some is W-on- K, also I am techie-ish". Also, its an odd aspect ratio for a badge.

- Austin

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Here's what I made of it:


And some efforts that led to it:



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removed from my inbox, sorry...)

Latest and final version:




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