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  • Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 15:03:18 -0400

Here is an article with further explanation posted on OSNews...


On Jan 23, 2008 2:02 PM, Jorge G. Mare (a.k.a. Koki) <koki@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hello Haiku fans,
> I am sure many of you have read by now the news about an Indian business
> distributing the GoBe Productive office suite and also being in
> negotiations to purchase the BeOS (if you haven't, head over to
> http://osnews.com/story/19195/GoBE_Productive_To_Buy_BeOS_). There's
> been quite a bit of speculation about this news, and what it may mean to
> Haiku. Instead of speculating, we have gone directly to the source, and
> we'll share what we have found out so far.
> We have been able to confirm the first part of the news. Bruce Hammond
> of Gobe Software confirms that Blue Lotus Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
> (BLG) is distributing GoBe Productive in India and soon other places as
> well. In his email, Bruce also mentions that he "would love to see
> gobeProductive (v3) on Haiku" (I am quoting him here). In our exchange,
> we have briefly initiated a discussion to see if there is any way that
> GP3 can be brought to the Haiku platform in the future. Please, do not
> take this as a commitment of any kind from anyone, but rather as a joint
> pursuit to explore the possibility of creating the conditions for Gobe
> Software to be able to realize their wish to bring their software back
> to our platform.
> With regards to the second part of the news -- that BLG is negotiating
> the purchase of the BeOS -- at this point we can only say that we have
> made initial contact with the company to find out whether this report is
> accurate or not. We are trying to understand what is actually happening,
> in order to figure out what repercussions, if any, it could have on our
> project and OS. We are also taking this as an opportunity to make BLG
> aware of Haiku and its potential, in the hope that there may be a
> possibility of BLG using Haiku as the base for their products in the
> future.
> This is it for now; we wanted to reassure the community that we are not
> just watching these developments from the sideline, but that we are
> proactively seeking potential opportunities that may be positive for
> Haiku. We are not sure what will pan out from this, but we will keep you
> posted on any new developments as they become available to us and we are
> in a position to disclose them.
> Jorge Mare, on behalf of the Haiku Team

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