[haiku] Re: [GSoC]: who is willing to mentor this year?

  • From: François Vincent <batuque@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 02:22:01 +0100

2009/3/11 Urias McCullough <umccullough@xxxxxxxxx>:
> On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 8:46 AM, François Vincent <batuque@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Just a (maybe) off topic comment. It's not the first time I read that
>> "Bryan Varner dropped out due to real life issues". But after his own
>> comment at OSNews http://www.osnews.com/permalink?346248 I'm unable to
>> see any real life issues.
>> He says he have just moved to Mac OS X and gave up to work for us. Is
>> it a real life issue? What's the problem about being honest? IMHO,
>> saying "real life issues" makes us keeping waiting for something that
>> won't going to happen.
> Eh, bitter much?
> Bryan keeps a blog, he posts his "real life issues" there all the time..
> Perhaps you missed a few of them in the last couple years:
> http://www.varnernet.com/~bryan/2007/11/07/things-i-used-to-enjoy-and-no-longer-do/
> http://www.varnernet.com/~bryan/2008/08/11/what-happened-to-my-ambition/
> a few others are spread through his blog, but the one you're
> apparently focusing on is here:
> http://www.varnernet.com/~bryan/2008/09/22/after-a-few-weeks-of-full-time-os-x/
> Clearly the real life issue here is that he simply has no time to
> screw around with hobby OSes any longer. That's a "real life issue" if
> I've ever heard one.
> Anyhow, Bryan is a decent guy, no reason to drag him through the mud
> here on the mailing list because you either 1) wanted Java for Haiku
> and are pissed that it still doesn't exist, 2) hate OS X or something,
> or 3) have something personal against Bryan

It's 4) none of those.

Bryan, if I offend you, I'm really sorry, I didn't want to. English is
not my mother language, so I can make mistakes. But in fact, I admire
you for all work you did for BeOS and Haiku. And I know Bryan is a
great guy!

Having real life issues it's not really the point here. Of course I
understand we all have problems and free time is like gold nowadays.
What I wanted to say in my first mail is I see "real life issues"
differently from "I have no interest to work on Haiku anymore" or like
Bryan said "just don’t see the point anymore". The first one I
understand "OK, he will come back when he can, very soon, I hope",
while the second means for me "hm unfortunately that's a goodbye, he
won't come back. I wish all the best for him and I'm thankful for all
that he made".

For instance, you won't say Scot Hacker has no time/real life issues
to write a Haiku Bible. It's not the case. He simply has no interest
to do so. He won't do it.

> We all have real life issues all the time, sometimes it's just "lack
> of motivation" (which is a real life issue in my book)... Considering
> I have a house that I've been renovating for 6 years, and 3 kids of my
> own, I can totally understand where Bryan's coming from. Considering
> any time he spent on the project was his own free time, donated for
> the benefit of all - I'd say you're being an absolute ass about it.

Well, you clearly misunderstood me. I'm not fighting against Bryan,
you, nor anyone else. I wasn't questioning no one's life. I was just
trying to clarify that Bryan won't work with us again anymore because
he simply doesn't want to. No big deal here. I have no problem at all
with that. We just should find someone else to continue his work. Are
we OK now? :)

François Vincent

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