[haiku] Re: [GSoC]: who is willing to mentor this year?

  • From: François Vincent <batuque@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 16:46:51 +0100

> BTW, in case you didn't know, there's an official Haiku OpenJDK porting
> project. It has been very quiet for some time. I believe Bryan Varner
> dropped out due to real life issues and Andrew Bachmann doesn't seem to have
> much time either. At any rate, they got pretty far porting a previous JDK
> (1.4.x, I believe) and it would certainly help to reuse their work.


Just a (maybe) off topic comment. It's not the first time I read that
"Bryan Varner dropped out due to real life issues". But after his own
comment at OSNews http://www.osnews.com/permalink?346248 I'm unable to
see any real life issues.

He says he have just moved to Mac OS X and gave up to work for us. Is
it a real life issue? What's the problem about being honest? IMHO,
saying "real life issues" makes us keeping waiting for something that
won't going to happen.

Keep going Grzegorz ;)

François Vincent

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