[haiku] GSoC 2009 -- some more TODO, requesting help.

  • From: Matt Madia <mattmadia@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 00:36:27 -0400

In addition to the application, there are a few more issues that need
to be sorted out.  I'd appreciate help with these.

Cleaning up our ideas list:
Basically adding more detail to each of the projects listed.

What is an "Ideas" list?

An "Ideas" list should be a list of suggested student projects. This
list is meant to introduce contributors to your project's needs and to
provide inspiration to would-be student applicants. It is useful to
classify each idea as specifically as possible, e.g. "must know
Python" or "easier project; good for a student with more limited
experience with C++." If your organization plans to provide an
application template, it would be good to include it on your Ideas

Keep in mind that your Ideas list should be a starting point for
student applications; we've heard from past mentoring organization
participants that some of their best student projects are those that
greatly expanded on a proposed idea or were blue-sky proposals not
mentioned on the Ideas list at all.

A few notes on the mentoring organization application:

It is critical that it be obvious how students should reach you to
discuss applying to your organization; plan to link this information
from your "Ideas" list at the very least.


Edit application to use Mentor's preferred addresses instead of gmail.com:
( this is something i could do later.  just wanted to send it out to
see if anyone interprets it differently)

The email addresses associated with the Google Account information
provided during application process will be used as the primary mode
of contact by Google throughout the program, e.g. the email address
which we will use to subscribe you to the  GSoC mentors/admins-only
mailing list.

From a quick discussion in #gsoc,
Regarding this quote from socghop.appspot.com---faqs#when_apply :"The
email addresses associated with the Google Account information
provided during application process..."    Does this imply that said
email addresses must be of gmail.com or is any email address valid?
<tlarsen> mmadia: You can create a Google Account with any valid email address.
<mmadia> If they already have a gmail address, should that simply be
used instead?
<ojwb> if you're happy for the soc mail to go to it


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