[haiku] Re: GRRR! [was: Re: Man]

  • From: Stephan Assmus <superstippi@xxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 10:10:28 +0200


Am 31.08.2010 08:56, schrieb Axel Dörfler:
Oliver Tappe<zooey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
I have asked a simple question: which format should we use for
console-based documentation?
However, I've always found console based browsers a bit awkward.
That's why
I'm asking: can we live with links (our console based browser, it
seems) as
console-based documentation viewer? Is w3m (or any other browser)
for that task?

Same thoughts here. Since HTML is the better (and more flexible) choice
in general, and our own documentation is in HTML as well, I would prefer
to stick to a single documentation format, even if it means more work
for porters.

As a "man" replacement, a very simple browser would do, so maybe one
could get away from links by writing our own "man" replacement. Besides
that option, maybe the links UI can be replaced with something more
suited to the task?

OTOH if we decide to stick to man files, we could also write an add-on
for Web+ that allows rendering them properly. So besides the naming,
the user wouldn't really notice the format of the documentation.

I understand one of the main driving motivations for creating Haiku is to avoid redundancy and bloat. At the same time, I believe the line we draw is often abritrary. In this particular instance, I am not sure if the benefits outweight the costs. More work for porters and package maintainers? Writing our own command line browser or modifying links? A translator for WebPositive to make it display man pages? Personally I wouldn't mind having both man pages and html documentation, since it only wastes space, not efficiency and it means less work. The people who care about using man seem to be in favor of just using man and not something emulating it. So why not just make it so? Writing a man->html translator so the documentation can alternatively be read in WebPositive seems the least evil to me. And it can be done later, versus if we decide to go with some command line html viewer, it would have to happen before packages can be cleaned up.

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